Travel Reports, Information on Southern Africa and Travellers Feedback !

This page provides links to pages that contain valuable feedback to the self sufficient 4x4 traveler. The feedback is of our subscribers' experiences and encounters while visiting cross-border southern African countries on safari. Most of the reports here were submitted by subscribers of the OverLand Forum. We'd love to see your contribution here and encourage you to participate and share your experiences, views, stories and photos. This page also contain links to sites that feature stories of travelers through Africa that are published on other websites. Please submit your trip report, digital images or travel stories to Hennie Rautenbach who will publish it here.

Copyright Notice ! The contents of these reports are the property of their respective authors and may only be printed and used for private purposes. Any commercial use of these reports is strictly forbidden without the express written authorization by the author.

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Below are reports that covers extended trip reports of Southern & East Africa:

George Rudman's Richtersveld Namibia Kgaligadi and Augrabies Report [Acrobat PDF 1.5Mb] (August 2018)