Botswana Travel & Safari Feedback and Holiday Images taken along the many beautiful routes in Botswana ! From Chobe, through Savuti to the Okavango, and down to the dry Central Kalahari ! Submitted here for your reading and viewing pleasure...

James Vlok's Botswana Trip Report [Adobe PDF 2MB] (November 2018)

Aslam Bhorat's Botswana Trip Report [Adobe PDF 1MB] (April 2017)

Nico Roets' Botswana Trip Report [Adobe PDF 6MB] (July 2015)

Bruce Turner's Botswana Trip Report [Adobe PDF 3MB] (July 2014)

John Rautenbach's Central Kalahari Trip Report [Adobe PDF] (May 2014)

Anton Heiberg's Botswana Trip Report [Adobe PDF] (September 2013)

Hannes Jansen van Rensburg's Mabuasehube N/R Trip [Adobe PDF] (August 2013)

Bruce, Mike and Eric's Mabuasehube N/R Trip [Adobe PDF] (August 2013)

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