Malaria Prevention - Article by Ivan Marais

Here you can ask questions about Anti-Malaria Prophylactics and other preventative measures.
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Malaria Prevention - Article by Ivan Marais

Postby Hennie » Thu Jun 01, 2006 10:50 pm

(Taken from the Overland Forum Archives)

1. Find out if the area being visited is a high risk area or not
2. Get a professional opinion on what prophylactic drugs to use and if they
should be used depending on the area to be visited and the health status of
the person visiting the area. Travel clinics and doctors with the know how can
perform this duty. Prophylactic treatment should be individualized, according
to the person and circumstances etc. If you are pregnant or have small kids
consider not visiting a high risk area.
3. All drugs have side effects. The side effects must be weighed up against
the risk of contracting malaria. There is no simple answer, get a professional
3. Do all the non drug preventive measures ( mosquito nets, repellants,
insecticides etc. ) NB this is very important
4. Get yourself a Rapid test kit if going to an area where medical facilities
are not easily available
5. If you do become sick and suspect you have malaria do the test and if
positive start treatment immediately with Coartem(taken with milk). If
negative rather seek medical help to try and make a diagnosis. If a Rapid test
cannot be done,there is no medical help nearby and there is a high index of
suspicion it is advisable to start treatment as soon as possible.
6. It is very important ( and this is stressed by most authorities ) that the
emergency treatment is just that and MUST be followed up by proper medical
care. Half treated mild infestation may progress to severe disease and lead to
7. Remember to use the prophylactic drug for 4 weeks after leaving the malaria
area and if you do become ill in this time advise your doctor that you have
been to a malarial area. Many cases have been reported of doctors
misdiagnosing malaria especially during the winter months when a lot of flu
cases are seen.

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