Moz/Malawi Trip Jun/Jul 2012 – Travel Partner(s) sought

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Moz/Malawi Trip Jun/Jul 2012 – Travel Partner(s) sought

Postby 4Everything » Sun Apr 22, 2012 9:33 pm

We are looking for travel partners to Mozambique for this year (2012) June/July school holidays (23 June to 15 July 2012). The trip might not necessarily take up the entire three weeks. Apart from the good practice of ‘don’t travel alone’ the main reason is to travel with families with younger children. Ours, a girl and a boy, are in grade 3 and 7 respectively.

Our mode will of transport will be a very capable AWD SUV pulling a camper trailer. Camping and sometimes self catering accommodation will be sought.

Envisaged route, with the main ideas being:
· Kids have to see Maputo (once)
· Stay over along the coast (beach) a few places while travelling north, some a few nights in succession.
· Possibly visit Beira as the northern-most coastal town, before heading inland.
· Have to see Cahorra Bassa.
· If you make it to Cahora Bassa, you can just as well include Malawi Lake and other ‘places to see’ around there.
· Many stopovers along the way due to the short distances that can be covered per day.
· Return from Malawi via a different route.

This is more of a ‘see new places’ trip than a ‘holiday by the sea’ trip. The itinerary will get place names and proposed dates in time in due course, but I don’t want to over plan either. We will start off from Johannesburg.
Should you be interesed, please reply.

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