Useful info for the Dec 2009 Holidays

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Useful info for the Dec 2009 Holidays

Postby Hennie » Wed Dec 09, 2009 10:38 am

Some excellent advice for those driving to Moz via Komatipoort (and
other borders):

There are many individuals working on both sides of the border who are
passing themselves off as government officials and who offer to
complete documentation on behalf of travellers for a fee. These
individuals are fraudsters and should be avoided categorically. Please
also note that no fees are payable on either side of the border for
the completion of documents. The only fees charged are those outlined
in the BCOCC Press Release above. If you are unsure please ask for
official identification and an official government receipt.
Please also do not use the runners at the border post who offer to
speed your thoroughfare and jump the immigration queues for a fee.
This makes you party to fraud and corruption and undermines the
efforts of the relevant government departments to stamp out corruption
and provide an effective service.
Important for drivers at all times to carry their driver’s licence,
proof of insurance and reimportation documents for bringing their
vehicles back into SA.
It is advisable to obtain an international driver’s licence for travel
across the border, whether to Mozambique or to South Africa. These are
available from the AA and most travel agents.
Third party insurance for South African vehicles crossing the border
is compulsory and can be obtained from various outlets at the border
and at Komatipoort, agents at the Lebombo Border Dry Port, as well as
the Sasol garage on the N4 near the Komatipoort turn off. These
service providers will also assist with necessary documentation for
your trip across the border. In the event of an accident involving a
third party the first line of call is the insurance company.
Night-time travellers should be aware of pedestrians and stray animals
on the road.
Officials at both Ports of Entry, i.e. Lebombo and Ressano Garcia,
have requested that travellers do not use their parking spot at the
border post as a point to take a refreshment break, as this
contributes to the congestion of the facility. It is recommended that
you stop for refreshment breaks before or after the Port of Entry.
Alternatively, tourists may want to travel to Mozambique via Swaziland
through the Jeppes Reef Border post (From the N4 just after Malelane)
or the Mananga Border post (from the N4 just after Komatipoort),
crossing into Mozambique through the Lomahasha Border Post.


Should travellers encounter difficulties with traffic police or other
authorities en route to their destinations, particularly if these
officers are attempting to illicit bribes or are threatening, you are
advised to do the following:

Be as cooperative as possible
Insist on a written or officially printed fine
Don’t pay the fine to the police officer, but take it to the nearest
police station for payment and get an official receipt; stamped if
If the police/traffic officers request a bribe, ensure that you take
the name of the officer, and ensure that the location and time of the
road block is noted. Without this information there can be no
Do not pay the bribe!
If in Mozambique, report this to the SA High Commission (number below)
or pass it on to MCLI to take up. If police insist on escorting you to
the nearest police station, or if you are unsure of the legitimacy of
the charge, (the escort may often not be the closest police station)
call the SA High Commission in Maputo on +258 21 49 0059/3030 or their
after hours duty officer on +258843044600 +258843044600 for advice.
If in South Africa, the same principles apply and incidents should be
reported to the Mpumalanga Traffic Department on their hotline
0800202775 0800202775

For the full report go to: ... ?cat_id=19

MT23.10 per litre

MT22.45 per litre

CNG – Natural Gas
MT13.85 per litre equivalent

Todays rate is MT3,7 to the Rand.


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