First trip to Moz - Info please!

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Re: First trip to Moz - Info please!

Postby jeanstruweg » Fri May 15, 2009 8:30 am


We did a very similar route in Jan '09. It was a road trip to scout out as many spots along the coast as we could, so we visited a lot of places but did not stay at many of them.

We visited Zavora Lodge (did not stay there) it looked ok, I guess it depends on what you want/need? Everything appeared clean and sorted, but by no means upmarket. Unless you specifically want to go there, I'd rather opt to stay at Sunset Beach Lodge near Chidenguele (closer to Xai-Xai). I was very impressed with it.

You should find everything you need in Maputo. Inharrime will have fuel and basic groceries, but it might have more. We did not stay there long.

Zavora to Massingir - potholed tar. Drive slowly and you'll get there no problem. Massingir to Giriyondo - reasonable dirt road. Again, low speed should see most vehicles through with ease (incl platkar with Venter). Just a disclaimer: I don't know how much rain they have had, so the conditions might have changed. Also, if the roads are wet it might be a different ball game. If you plan on visiting Fish Eagle Camp - defenitely high clearance/4x4 only (unless you enjoy the sound of rocks scraping and banging on the chassis)

Hope this helps.


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