Festive Season - Border arrangements

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Festive Season - Border arrangements

Postby Hennie » Sun Dec 07, 2008 6:45 pm

TRAVELLERS crossing the Lebombo border post between Mpumalanga and Mozambique over the coming festive season will be subjected to tighter rules and regulations.

According to Barbara Mommen, coo for the Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative (MCLI), stricter regulations come as a result of lessons learnt during the last two festive seasons.

Additional police and traffic officers will be deployed at the border, but Mommen said that long queues and traffic congestion were still expected.

No firearms will be allowed across the border and it may not be handed into any police station in South Africa, due to changes in legislation. No animals will be allowed through either.

Travellers who have been to countries affected by Yellow Fever will need to have a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate.

Motorists whose cars are still financed by the bank need to get an authorisation and insurance repatriation confirmation from the same bank before attempting to cross the border. Vehicles which are fully paid will require the original registration papers. Should a different person, other than the owner, drive the car, the written permission of the owner is required.

Drivers are also advised to obtain an international driver’s license.

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