Do I need radio gear.

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Do I need radio gear.

Postby peterbre » Sat Jul 27, 2019 7:45 pm

Greatings all.
I have been following many stories over the last couple of months and I thank you.
We are from the UK. We sent our camper to Cape town and then drove some of Namibia and Botswana and back to SA over a 3 month period.
We travel alone and tend to just park off road and out of site (if possible) not in SA. We have done this over South America as well. I am pleased to say we have never been thetend or robbed and sorted out our major breakdown in Opuwo.
Now the question. Do we need to carry a CB radio? or a Satalite phone. I assume the CB is for people traveling in groups. The satalite phone would be a help in the event of some kind of tradgety for sure but is it a luxury item?
The reason I pose these questions now is becouse our camper should arrive in Walvis Bay for us to do another trip starting mid September.
I dont like buying equipment I wont use but dont want to be fool either.
So please give me some helpful advice as many of you are far more familier with these countrys than we could ever be.

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