First Aid Kitbag Contents & Information

Dr. Ivan Marais' comprehensive First Aid Kit Checklist... (added 2007-02-01)

Dr. Neil van Tonder's comprehensive Medical Equipment Checklist... (added 2007-02-01)

NOTE ! You use these lists at your own risk !

The owner of the website and the publishers of these lists take NO responsibility should something go wrong. The lists serve as a guideline only. It is highly recommended that you do a proper First Aid course !
Some of the items are for qualified persons only. If one inadvertantly inject enough local anaesthetc IV, death may result !
Only persons with the correct training should attemp using these products. Adrenaline is schedule 4, so you need something behind your name to use it legally and properly.
Should there be a doctor in the group drugs like Adrenaline and Pethidine could prove lifesaving !