(Applicable to Series Landy’s only !)


Prior to the trip.

Check the condition of:

- brake master and slave seals and brake linings. Adjust !
- Battery electrolyte levels and dead cells.
- Glow plugs (if diesel)
- clutch free play
- window wiper blades

- exhaust and all hangers including flange gasket
- alternator and drive belt (measure charge with fluke)
- alternator mounting bracket
- alternator tensioning bracket
- engine mountings (jack up the engine to see if the mountings aren't sheared)
- gearbox mountings (jack up the gearbox to see if the mountings aren't sheared)
- check handbrake and adjust
- check all blades in the spring packs for cracks
- check all spring hangers for cracks
- check spring mounts on front outriggers for damage and structural weakness caused by rust
- check all shocks for oil seepage and condition of rubber mounts at each end
- check rear axle straps
- Run the engine against compression and check if gearbox jumps out of first (or any other gear) [drop the clutch to put stress on it]
- do same test in low range to see if she jumps out of low range
- check that the high range lever locks in position and that it jumps back out when low range is selected.
- tighten all wheel nuts
- tighten all propshaft bolts
- tighten all drive-member bolts
- lights and indicators
- brake-light switch

- reflective tape (front and rear) [required for Zambia]

- license disk (and vehicle papers)
- number plates
- check and replace window runners where necessary
- have radiator flushed and pressure tested (DO THIS)
- check radiator hoses
- Trace the pos battery cable between battery, alternator and starter and tie-down with cable ties at points where at chafes against the chassis or other sharp edges.
- check diff pinion seals
- check condition of wheel bearings
- replace the diesel filter and clean the water trap
- grease the following:

Front propshart universals

Rear propshaft universals

All steering tie-rod ends (balljoints)

- check balljoints for wear and excessive free-play

- check EP90 levels in the following locations:
diff front
diff rear
swivel left
swivel right
transfer box

Steering box

Steering relay

pack the following spares:
- a complete engine gasket kit
- a pair half-shafts.
- a broom handle to remove the stubbs.

- spare waterpump
- a clutch master and slave cyl kit
- a brake master and slave cyl kit
- a fuel pump kit (original pump diaphragm (sp?))
- a spare electric pump
- take a few bulbs and fuses and a length of wire with a side-cutter and some insulating tape
- take a 2 meter length of fuel hose and a few in-line filters which you can use to join the pipe.
- take a length of threaded rod and a few nuts and washers
- take some bailing wire and pliers
- take a spare fan belt
- 1 inner wheel-bearing
- 1 outer wheel bearing
- 1 prop universal
- 1 drive member

- ignition coil

- ignition breaker points [genuine parts only – don’t use aftermarket]

- condensor [genuine parts only – don’t use aftermarket]

- length of plugwire

- rotor

- distributor cap

- distributor driveshaft

- take a spare set of radiator hoses
- take a good number of different size hose clamps
- take a good number of cable ties (small to very strong [large])
- take at least a good shifting spanner, a large flat screw-driver and a big large vice grip and a heavy hammer

Hope this helps


Hennie Rautenbach (Hennie@overland.co.za)