The reason the OverLand Forum was created is so that individuals who have an active interest in self-sufficient vehicle dependant overland travel can share experiences, ask advice, and discuss all aspects that are associated with all wheel drive overland travel. This site does NOT cover travel by Overland Truck ! Here we share the true gems this hobby offers. It is mainly aimed at overland travel in Africa South of the Sahara. Do note ! The spectrum is fairly wide but it may include diverse aspects of offroad travel such as expedition travel, adventure travel, safaris and all the quipment used on such a trip. Discussions about destinations, routes, vehicles and camping equipment are invited. Overland travel is more than deciding which freezer, rooftop tent or GPS to buy, or where to get the best deal on BFG M/T's.

Overlanding travel does not consist of seeing who can tick off the most destinations, or who attempts the most remote trips, or who can collect the most toys. Overlanding is a state of mind, a searching for knowledge and experiences of other places, peoples and cultures, a process that exposes you to the wonders and delights of nature's diversity, whether it is a Trans African trip or a walk in your local park. When someone on the email forum decides to share such an event for our information to broaden our own knowledge base we welcome it. Sharing information is what the forum is about.

If you have any contributions, be it pictures, a story, advice, GPS points, whatever,
please mail them to Hennie Rautenbach

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