Toolkit Contents Joe Holmes


A basic toolkit at the end of the day is the only one you will have, so make it worthwhile. Bear in mind that you may be asked for help by another traveler, in a vehicle not up to yours level of maintenance, and be faced with either a simple fix, or a long tow to get them out of the dwang.

If you drive a diesel find out how to bleed the system for airlock.

vice grips big and small
hacksaw +spare blades
shifting spanner
full socket set
impact driver tool
long nose pliers
circlip  pliers
bobbejaan spanner medium size
spanners  as yours + 17,19, and check your vehicle for bigger sizes then buy.
Punch, chisel and pointed
allen keys or torx bits if pertinent
hand brace drill and drill bits
round file
flat file
gas soldering kit
jumper cables long and heavy duty
wetndry sand paper medium texture  sheet
10metres of heavy duty blou draad
light duty boppa wire roll
selection bolts, nuts and washers from 6mm thru to 12mm (check vehicle by having a good long hard look)
exhaust sealant
contact adhesive, plastic steel liquid and putty
insulation tape
duct tape
patches  & solution kit ( new each trip)
check that above contains valve key & new tubeless valve
tyre gaiter + own tin of solution
tubeless repair kit
lighter fluid in can ( for re-seating tubeless tyres)
tyre inner tube x 1
three tyre levers (full length)
tyre hand pump + 12volt pump
snatch strap
tow rope
globe set for headlight, taillight,  indicator, interior light (kit in a plastic case)
flatbar 25mm wide x3mm thick x 400 mm long , 3 pieces, pre-drilled with 8mm holes every 40mm
siphon pipe
fuel hose 4 metres = hose clamps loosely fitted
fanbelt set    (tie off under bonnet with cable ties) make sure you have appropriate tools to enable fitting --test before you leave
rad hose set (tie off under bonnet with cable ties)
brake fluid 500ml
engine oil 5 litres
power steering fluid 500ml
gearbox oil 3 litres
coolant/antifreeze 1 litre
wynns radiator stop leak 2 x 375 ml bottles
wynns injector cleaner 2 x 375 ml bottle (it emulsifies and removes water in the fuel tank/lines)
electrical wire 4 different colours x 3 m each
jubilee clamps various ( scrutinise vehicle)
diesel filter (if applicable)
small mirror ( for seeing under things down in the engine bay or similar)
ratchet straps x 4 heavy duty
axe (full size)
panga (machete) make sure both of above are sharp
base plank for hi-lift jack --(if made from railway sleeper plank slice it will be very strong. 400 x300mm x 40mm thick. Radius cut one long side to suit your vehicle wheel rim, so it doubles as a bead breaker under the hi-lift jack. Drill a hole and tie a metre or so of nylon rope to it, so that if it gets pushed underground while jacking you can pull it out easily.