MEDICAL EQUIPMENT ! Dr. Neil van Tonder (List of equipment recommended when doing Dr. van Tonder's "Bush Emergency" course [recommended])
Item Use Cost yes/no
Resussitation Mouth Piece Resussitation
Scapel blade holder Instrument
Scapel blade No 15 Cutting, removal of stings
Jelco IV Needle 16 to 18 gauge Drip, flushing of ears, resus
ACA Small dressing tray with gloves Suturing
Rigid plastic neck brace Neck protection
Bandages, various sizes First Aid
Sterile gauze packets First Aid
Emergency blanket "foil" Hypothermia
Ringers Lactate 1 liter Resussitation Fluid - shock
Saline 200 ml Flushing eye, wound, packing of wound, dilution of Dextrose
IV Drip Y infusion set Resus, flushing eye, wound
Insulin 1cc Syringe Injection
Dextrose 50 ml amp Hypoglycemia
Stetoscope ? Chest examination, Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure Manometer Blood Pressure
Medisplint cardboard Splint - arm Fracture arm
Medisplint cardboard Splint - arm Splint - leg Fracture leg
Surgical Zips - various lengths Laceration
3M Precise Surgical Stapler Laceration
Steristrips 1 packet 5 mm width Laceration
Burnshield various sizes Burn wound
Comfeel Transparent Dressing Burn wound
Eye Pad Eye problem
Eye Shield Eye problem
Fluoresin Minimus with Lidocaine Eye problem
Eye wash cup Eye problem
Urinary Catheter 14 French Severe Posterior nose bleed
KY Jelly Lubrication
Silver Nitrate Sticks Nose bleed
Ribbon Gauze Nose bleed
Alcohol Webcols ( ?? 20 ) Cleaning of skin, Diluted with vinegar - ear drops
Suturing 4/0 Nylon 3/8 curvature cutting needle Suturing
Small Curved Artery forceps Suturing
Fine tooth forceps Suturing
Needle Holder Suturing
Syringe 5 cc Injection
Needle 22 G Injection
On Prescription Schedule 4
Xylotox amp Local anesthetic
Adrenaline Amp life threatening allergic reactions