Travel First Aid Kit 27/12/2006
ITEM QTY Comment          
Advil CS tabs 20 Common cold and flu
Andolex Throat Loz 16 Sore throat, mouth infections 1 as reqd
Bactroban/Fucidin oint 20g For septic sores, infected wounds or blisters
Beclate or Advantan Cr 15/20g Rash, allergies, Insect bites
Burnshield (Range)   Get hydrogel for small burns and 60x40 dressings ( or mini kit if affordable )
Celestamine tabs 20 Allergies, Insect stings etc 1 tab 3x a day
Cifloc 250mg 20 Antibiotic for Urinary tract infections. Not for kids or persons with renal problems
Cinnirazine 25mg 15 Dizzyness, nausea, motion sickness
Citro Soda 60g Urinary tract infection/burning
Clamentin375 30 Antibiotic for throat, lungs, septic sores etc ( contains penicillin )
Coxflam 15mg 5 Anti-inflammatory, as for diclofenac, but with less gastric irritation
Diclofenac Tab 25 & 50 30/30 Anti-inflammatory. Arthralgias, muscle aches, orthopaedic injuries
Disprin tabs 20 Antipyrexial, anti inflammatory ( Not for kids under 10 years )
Dolorol forte tabs 20 General pain and fever
Doxymycin 100mg 12 General antibiotic for persons with Pen allergy, Malaria, Tick bite fever
Drixine nasal spray 20ml Nasal decongestant
Flamazine Cr 50g Second degree burn wounds. Use as daily dressing
Loperimide 16 Diarrhoea - 2 stat and 1 as required thereafter
Lovire Cr 2g Herpes blisters ( Fever blisters)
Malaria Tabs As Reqd Your choice, Mefliam, Doxycycline or Malarone
Merthiolate Spray 30ml Antiseptic for minor fresh wounds
Metoclopramide tabs 15 Nausea & Vomiting, motion sickness. Not for kids under 10years
Octin Eye Drops 5ml Bacterial infection eyes. Can be used for bact inf ears as well
Povidone ( Liq & Oint) 15g Antiseptic for wounds/sores
Prednisone 5mg 80 Strong anti inflammatory. Asthma, allergies, insect bites ( including snake and scorpion )
Rehidrate scahets 6 Diarrhoea Kids and adults
Savlon 200ml General antiseptic
Scopex Co 15 Abd cramps, kidney stones, menstrual pains etc
Spectrapaine Forte Caps 20 Stronger painkiller, good for tension headaches
Stingose sol 25ml Insect Bites
Terbicil Cr 15g Anti-fungal. Athlets foot, Dhobies itch
Tramahexal caps 20 For severe pain. Can be used with other analgesics. 1-2 as reqd
Zopax 0,5mg 10 Mild tranquilizer/sleeping tab Use 0,5 to 1 tab as reqd
Panamor Supp 25mg Emergency med for kids with high fever ( dosage depends on age).
Panado or Pynmed Syr   Kids fever, pain
Clamentin SF Syr   Kids antibiotic, thraots septic sores etc ( contains penicilln )
Cepodem Syr 40mg/5ml 100ml Kids allergic to Pen. Good for ears, chest
Alcophyllex 200ml General expectorant, bronchodilating cough syrup ( contains alcohol)
D-Worm SD 2 Anti most worms, for adults and kids
ITEM QTY Comment
Admin set 1 60 drops/min
Airway with filter 1  
Artery forceps 1  
Biocide D sachets 5 For sterilising instruments
Crepe bandage 75mm General stretch bandage for covering wounds etc
Elastocrepe bandages 75 3 Stretch bandage for sprains, strains and temp use for splinting fractures
Elastoplast 75mm 1 White plaster. General strapping, wound dressing
IV drip Ringers lactate 1 Rehidration, also for hypovolaemic shock ( trauma, snake bites etc)
Jelco 20 22 1/1 IV catheters
Latex gloves 20  
Malaria test kit 2 Learn exactly how to use it. For remote malaria areas only
Micropore 24 mm 1  
Needles 21 23 5/5  
Nylon suture 3/0 4/0 1/1 Only if some in the group knows how to insert sutures
Opsite flexigrid 10 X 12 Blisters, certain wounds, waterproof dressing
Pinset 1  
Preptic swab 10  
Safety Pins Assort  
Scissors 1  
Sterile gauze 75x75mm 100 For general swabbing and wound dressing
Steristrip 6x75 10 For emergency skin closure of suitable wounds
Syringe 2 & 5ml 5/5  
Tramahexal amps 2 For severe pain, Fractures
Triangular Bandage 2 For splinting, clavicle and shoulder injuries
Xylotox 1% 20ml Local aneasthetic ( For someone with experience to use it)
Scalpel Blade No.11 Thorns, lansing of abscesses etc
Space Blanket   The foil type, for shock, hypothermia
Min Benoxinate   Local anaesthetic for removal of Forein Bodies in the eye
General Comments
1. This is not a comprehensive list. There are too many variables. Many people have their own favourite choices. It will
however get you through most situations.
2. I have not included personal medication ( hypertension etc) and also not all OTC products, or moms favourite kiddies meds
3. I have not included insect repellants, suntan lotion etc
4. Some of the items are for qualified persons only. If one inadvertantly injects enough local anaesthetc IV, death may result
5. I have not included items like adrenalin, IV cortisone, Snake bite antivinene etc(which can be lifesaving).
Only persons with the correct training should attemp using the products. Adrenaline is schedule 4, so you need something
behind your name to use it legally and properly. Should there be a doctor in the group drugs like Adrenaline and Pethidine
could prove lifesaving
6. Try and use flexible or strong plastic containers to prevent breakage. Try and store meds in a cool place( <25C )
7. I will appreciate suggestions for items to add to this list. As I must justify items on this list, I will decide wether new items
will be added or not. Every person makes his own list anyway, and above items are suggestions ones only
8. Any person who needs further advice or explaination of an item is free to contact me