Lessons Learnt with Land Rovers (the hard way) !

The images are shown above the captions ! Click on the text link for more images!

1. Graham Wild's hub knuckle episode during the Kransdans Braai_Grid event !

1. Never play in the mud quarry at night ! You won't see the ditch ! (unknown)

2. The structural weakness of the Land Rover front diff ! (Edward van Rensburg)

3. The potential catastrophe when a tire bursts ! Near Mariental Namibia ! (submission from Theo Horn)

4. The potential for catastrophe when you swerve out for oncoming vehicles veering into your lane ! Land Rovers offer very little structural support ! (submission from Pieter Botha)

5. Beware the tide ! Drowning incident in Mozambique ! (Andrew Sternslow)

6. Stuck for days near Baines Boababs - Makgadigadi - Dec 2005 ! (Vic Cook)

7. Unexpected fire ! April 2006 ! (Kjell Bismeyer)

8. Snapped Halfshaft ! April 2006 ! (Jaco Nepgen)

9. Land Rover Discovery Handbrake Failure ! July 2006 ! (Anonymous)

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