Recommended Dual Battery Systems, Auxiliary Battery Chargers

Recommended Dual Battery Systems & Auxiliary Battery Chargers

Below you will find wiring schematics & ideas to construct simple and efficient D.I.Y. dual (auxiliary) battery charging systems (battery isolators) for your 4x4 vehicle. These were kindly submitted by our subscribers. An auxiliary battery will allow you to run a camping freezer, camp lights, inverter and other accessories without draining your 4x4's main battery ! Contributions welcome...

The Deltec Voyage 105ah battery is the most popular deep-cycle battery amongst the Overland Forum subscribers...

Bushpower stocks a wide range of deep cycle batteries, chargers and solar panels...

George Rudman's Dual Battery Positioning in a Discovery II [PDF]!

Peter Williamson's Dual Battery System [PDF]!

Voltage Sensing Relay from Blue Sea Systems !

Voltage Sensing Relay from BEP Marine - Available from Bud Morris ZA Cell 073 255 2108 !

Dual Battery Chargers from REDARC in Oz !

The Authorative Deep-Cycle Battery FAQ !

Hennie Rautenbach's Dual Battery FAQ !

Dual Battery Circuit based on a Relay Isolator (credit to Fernando Bandeira [bandeira at])

Dual Battery Circuit based on a Diode Isolator (credit to Fernando Bandeira [bandeira at])

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